1. 25 May, 2012 6 commits
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      KDE/FreeBSD team presents long awaited KDE SC 4.8.3! · e81ed361
      makc authored
      kdeaccessibility4 and kdeutils4 are now meta ports. deskutils/kdepim4 updated
      to match KDE SC version, old kdepim preserved in deskutils/kdepim44.
      Follow UPDATING instruction!
      New ports:
      - accessibility/kaccessible
      - accessibility/kmag
      - accessibility/kmousetool
      - accessibility/kmouth
      - archivers/ark
      - comms/kremotecontrol
      - deskutils/kcharselect
      - deskutils/kdepim44
      - deskutils/kdepim44-runtime
      - deskutils/superkaramba
      - devel/kdebindings4-perl-perlkde
      - devel/kdebindings4-perl-perlqt
      - math/analitza
      - math/kcalc
      - misc/kde4-l10n-fa
      - security/kgpg-kde4
      - security/kwallet
      - sysutils/kdf
      - sysutils/kfloppy
      - sysutils/sweeper
      - vietnamese/kde4-l10n
      - x11-clocks/ktimer
      - x11/kactivities
      - x11/libkonq
      Removed ports:
      - devel/kdebindings4-kross-interpreters
      - devel/kdebindings4-python
      - devel/kdebindings4-ruby
      - devel/kdebindings4-smoke
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      Update KDE related ports: · 0dbf83df
      makc authored
      databases/akonadi to 1.7.2
      devel/libdbusmenu-qt to 0.9.2
      devel/qtscriptgenerator to 0.2.0
      multimedia/phonon to 4.6.0
      multimedia/phonon-gstreamer to 4.6.0
      multimedia/phonon-vlc to 0.5.0
      sysutils/qzeitgeist to 0.8.0
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      Chase PyQT update · d1ec5ccd
      makc authored
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      KDE/FreeBSD team presents update for PyQt ports: · 9fd3497d
      makc authored
       - sip to 4.13.2
       - PyQt4 to 4.9.1
       - QScintilla to 2.6.1
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      KDE/FreeBSD team presents Qt 4.8.1 in ports! · 043ee248
      makc authored
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      Ports modules update at Friday 25 May 2012 at 00:09 · a0ad3780
      edwin authored
      Feature safe: yes
  2. 24 May, 2012 34 commits
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      - document security issue for haproxy · 5aa7a40a
      jgh authored
      PR:	ports/165035
      Submitted by:	jgh@
      Security:	CVE-2012-2391
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      Forced commit to note repocopies: · 9306648a
      makc authored
      deskutils/kdepim4 -> deskutils/kdepim44
      deskutils/kdepim4-runtime -> deskutils/kdepim44-runtime
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      Forced commit to note repocopies: · 261a7c03
      makc authored
      misc/kdeutils4	->	archivers/ark
      misc/kdeutils4	->	comms/kremotecontrol
      misc/kdeutils4	->	deskutils/kcharselect
      misc/kdeutils4	->	math/kcalc
      misc/kdeutils4	->	security/kgpg-kde4
      misc/kdeutils4	->	security/kwallet
      misc/kdeutils4	->	sysutils/kdf
      misc/kdeutils4	->	sysutils/kfloppy
      misc/kdeutils4	->	sysutils/sweeper
      misc/kdeutils4	->	x11-clocks/ktimer
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      Forced commit to note repocopies: · ef43acc6
      makc authored
      accessibility/kdeaccessibility4	->	accessibility/kaccessible
      accessibility/kdeaccessibility4	->	accessibility/kmag
      accessibility/kdeaccessibility4	->	accessibility/kmousetool
      accessibility/kdeaccessibility4	->	accessibility/kmouth
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      - Update to 2.4.32 · f5fe4aef
      scheidell authored
      - Submitter is now maintainer
      PR:		ports/168308
      Submitted by:	Alan Hicks <ahicks@p-o.co.uk> (maintainer)
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      - Update to 2.2.27 · 27b014ae
      scheidell authored
      - Submitter is now maintainer
      PR:		ports/168307
      Submitted by:	Alan Hicks <ahicks@p-o.co.uk> (maintainer)
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      Fix PHP_EXT_DIR. · 0f88550f
      ale authored
      PR:		ports/167984
      Submitted by:	"Bryan Drewery" <bryan@shatow.net>
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      Remove obsolete PR handling scripts. These had hardcoded /home/ncvs · 86e5b267
      crees authored
      Approved by:	mharo (maintainer)
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      - Update to 0.34. · b67c4b55
      lippe authored
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      Document RT vulnerabilities. · b477eaaf
      flo authored
      (I'm only committing this as matthew is still waiting for mentor approval, and
      we found it important enough to commit it right now)
      Submitted by:	matthew
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      - Fix alsa driver. · bdd596ad
      nox authored
      - Bump PORTREVISION.
      PR:		ports/167971
      Submitted by:	amdmi3
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      Add openistgt to top level Makefile. · 0c1e8731
      jpaetzel authored
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      - Update to · 5751fa13
      jgh authored
      - while here standardize IGNORE, and drop pkg-message from SUB_FILES
      and move to pkg-message as nothing is being substituted
      PR:     ports/168163
      Submitted by:   maintainer, jjuanino@gmail.com
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      - update to 3.0.0 · 643bd784
      dinoex authored
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      - Ports Tree does not support < 7x, so this check is unnecessary. · 55cb0db1
      sylvio authored
      PR:		ports/168274
      Submitted by:	crees@
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      - Update to 3.6 · 5a8a5769
      amdmi3 authored
      Submitted by:	glebius (maintainer)
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      Update to 6.7.7-0 · 884f3b6f
      mm authored
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      Add new port: www/sventon · 66cd0a3e
      jgh authored
      sventon is a free, open source, web client for browsing Subversion repositories.
      It is powerful, straightforward to use, and super easy to install.
      sventon is a pure Java application, all you need to run it is a Java SE 6
      runtime and a Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.0 compliant webserver, such as Tomcat 6.0.
      WWW: http://www.sventon.org/
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      - Add newline at the end of distinfo · 79637edc
      sperber authored
      Submitted by:	Alex Kozlov <spam _at_ rm-rf.kiev.ua> (maintainer)
      Approved by:	beat (mentor)
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      - update to version 6.00 · 68bd4f80
      ohauer authored
      Nmap 6.00
      o Most important release since Nmap 5.00 in July 2009! For a list of
        the most significant improvements and new features, see the
        announcement at: http://nmap.org/6
      o In XML output, <osclass> elements are now child elements of the
        <osmatch> they belong to. Old output was thus:
        New output is:
        The option --deprecated-xml-osclass restores the old output, in case
        you use an Nmap XML parser that doesn't understand the new
        structure. The xmloutputversion has been increased to 1.04.
      o Added a new <target> element to XML output that indicates when a
        target specification was ignored, perhaps because of a syntax error
        or DNS failure. It looks like this:
          <target specification="" status="skipped" reason="invalid"/>
        [David Fifield]
      o [NSE] Added the script samba-vuln-cve-2012-1182 which detects the
        SAMBA pre-auth remote root vulnerability (CVE-2012-1182).
        [Aleksandar Nikolic]
      o [NSE] Added http-vuln-cve2012-1823.nse, which checks for PHP CGI
        installations with a remote code execution vulnerability. [Paulino
      o [NSE] Added script targets-ipv6-mld that sends a malformed ICMP6 MLD Query
        to discover IPv6 enabled hosts on the LAN. [Niteesh Kumar]
      o [NSE] Added rdp-vuln-ms12-020.nse by Aleksandar Nikolic. This tests
        for two Remote Desktop vulnerabilities, including one allowing
        remote code execution, that were fixed in the MS12-020 advisory.
      o [NSE] Added a stun library and the scripts stun-version and stun-info, which
        extract version information and the external NAT:ed address.
        [Patrik Karlsson]
      o [NSE] Added the script duplicates which attempts to determine duplicate
        hosts by analyzing information collected by other scripts. [Patrik Karlsson]
      o Fixed the routing table loop on OS X so that on-link routes appear.
        Previously, they were ignored so that things like ARP scan didn't
        work. [Patrik Karlsson, David Fifield]
      o Upgraded included libpcap to version 1.2.1.
      o [NSE] Added ciphers from RFC 5932 and Fortezza-based ciphers to
        ssl-enum-ciphers.nse. The patch was submitted by Darren McDonald.
      o [NSE] Renamed hostmap.nse to hostmap-bfk.nse.
      o Fixed a compilation problem on Solaris 9 caused by a missing
        definition of IPV6_V6ONLY. Reported by Dagobert Michelsen.
      o Setting --min-parallelism by itself no longer forces the maximum
        parallelism to the same value. [Chris Woodbury, David Fifield]
      o Changed XML output to show the "service" element whenever a tunnel
        is discovered for a port, even if the service behind it was unknown.
        [Matt Foster]
      o [Zenmap] Fixed a crash that would happen in the profile editor when
        the script.db file doesn't exist. The bug was reported by Daniel
      o [Zenmap] It is now possible to compare scans having the same name or
        command line parameters. [Jah, David Fifield]
      o Fixed an error that could occur with ICMPv6 probes and -d4 debugging:
        "Unexpected probespec2ascii type encountered" [David Fifield]
      o [NSE] Added new script http-chrono, which measures min, max and average
        response times of web servers. [Ange Gutek]
      o Applied a workaround to make pcap captures work better on Solaris
        10. This involves peeking at the pcap buffer to ensure that captures
        are not being lost. A symptom of the previous behavior was that,
        when doing ARP host discovery against two targets, only one would be
        reported as up. [David Fifield]
      o Fixed a bug that could cause Nsock timers to fire too early. This
        could happen for the timed probes in IPv6 OS detection, causing an
        incorrect measurement of the TCP_ISR feature. [David Fifield]
      o [Zenmap] We now build on Windows with a newer version of PyGTK, so
        copy and paste should work again.
      o Changed the way timeout calculations are made in the IPv6 OS engine.
        In rare cases a certain interleaving of probes and responses would
        result in an assertion failure.
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      - Add OPTIONS to use openpty instead. · 8cab21a7
      lippe authored
      - Bump PORTREVISION.
      PR:	ports/161087
      Submitted by:	aakuusta@gmail.com
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      - Bump PORTREVISION. · 0ebdde79
      lippe authored
      - Fix *_DEPENDS.
      PR:	ports/167329
      Submitted by:	sunpoet
    • lippe's avatar
      - Bump PORTREVISION. · 2308203f
      lippe authored
      - Remove RUN_DEPENDS.
      PR:	ports/167901
      Submitted by:	sunpoet
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      - Update to 1.1.0. · 2280031f
      stephen authored
    • stephen's avatar
      - Update to 1.0.10. · b13e41ea
      stephen authored
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      - Update to version · a02cab72
      scheidell authored
      - Do not use hardcoded path for ssh-keygen executable
      PR:		ports/168182
      Submitted by:	Timothy Beyer <beyert@cs.ucr.edu> (maintainer)
    • sem's avatar
      - Update to 1.4.17 · 26ba00f0
      sem authored
        * Use ECDSA by default
        * Add a hack to build ldns with ECDSA support if it's not installed
      Feature safe:	Yes
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      Update to 3.8.12 · bc638686
      flo authored
      Security:	04b7d46c-7226-11e0-813a-6c626dd55a41 (will be committed soon by matthew)
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      - fix depencency, munin should depend on devel/p5-Storable instead of · d973db86
      flo authored
      PR:		ports/168288
      Submitted by:	Sam Cassiba <sam@cassiba.com>
    • kwm's avatar
      Fix plist by adding missing man pages. · 5cc7b306
      kwm authored
      Submitted by:	pointyhat via Pav
    • ak's avatar
      - Update to 1.6.13 · a7377c1e
      ak authored
        This is mostly a bugfix release. Most notable new features are ECDSA
        support (RFC 6605) and command-line options for ldns-verify-zone for
        validating against given keys and for safety margins on signatures
        inception and expiration times.
      - The examples and drill programs will now built by default.
      PR:	ports/168296
      Submitted by:	Jaap Akkerhuis <jaap@NLnetLabs.nl> (maintainer)
      Approved by:	itetcu (mentor)
    • tobez's avatar
      Update to 0.50. · 97be6616
      tobez authored
      PR:		168015
      Submitted by:	Muhammad Moinur Rahman <5u623l20@gmail.com>
      Changes:	http://search.cpan.org/dist/HTML-Fraction/CHANGES
    • kwm's avatar
      Unbreak the reference port. · ebdb1fae
      kwm authored
      Submitted by:	pointyhat via pav
    • tobez's avatar
      Update to 4.061. · 8d19716d
      tobez authored
      PR:		168006
      Submitted by:	Muhammad Moinur Rahman <5u623l20@gmail.com>
      Changes:	http://search.cpan.org/dist/NetAddr-IP/Changes