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      New port: devel/cmake-doc. · 4b94f386
      rakuco authored
      This port contains the documentation shipped by devel/cmake in additional
      formats: HTML and QCH, the latter of which can be used by Qt Creator.
      Submitted by:	Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org> to the area51 mailing list.
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      Another rubygem: · ef466882
      mi authored
      	Deface is a library that allows you to customize ERB, Haml and
      	Slim views in a Rails application without editing the underlying
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      Add devel/libqb. · e5398c7d
      tijl authored
      libqb is a library with the primary purpose of providing high performance
      client server reusable features. It provides high performance logging, tracing,
      ipc, and poll.
      PR:		208181
      Submitted by:	David Shane Holden <dpejesh@yahoo.com>
  7. 22 Mar, 2016 1 commit
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      New port: devel/py-llfuse · e5ccc514
      pi authored
      Python-LLFUSE is a set of Python bindings for the low level FUSE API. It
      requires at least FUSE 2.8.0 and supports both Python 2.x and 3.x. It runs
      under Linux, OS-X, FreeBSD and NetBSD.
      WWW: https://bitbucket.org/nikratio/python-llfuse
      PR:		203759
      Submitted by:	Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff <niklaas@kulturflatrate.net>
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      Move devel/py-icu to devel/py-pyicu · 5f3d00f3
      feld authored
      * PORTNAME devel/py-pyicu should be used rather than devel/py-icu, per policy [1]
      * Add LICENSE=MIT as per LICENSE file contained in distfile
      * Tidy up MAKE_ENV variable assignment (pet portlint)
      * Update WWW in pkg-descr to point to PyPI site, since the old site is down
      * Update other ports which depend on devel/py-icu to point to devel/py-pyicu
      [1] https://wiki.freebsd.org/Python/PortsPolicy
      PR:		207367
      Approved by:	maintainer timeout
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      New port: devel/p5-superclass · 5ffa6ae9
      pi authored
      Allows you to both load one or more modules, while setting up
      inheritance from those modules at the same time.
      If a module in the import list is followed by something that
      doesn't look like a legal module name,
      the VERSION method will be called with it as an argument.
      WWW: http://search.cpan.org/dist/superclass/
      PR:		208124
      Submitted by:	Henk van Oers <hvo.pm@xs4all.nl>
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      New port: devel/py-attrs. · c09ca88f
      rakuco authored
      attrs is an MIT-licensed Python package with class decorators
      that ease the chores of implementing the most common attribute-related
      object protocols without writing dull boilerplate code again and again.
      WWW: https://github.com/hynek/attrs
      PR:		207853
      Submitted by:	Axel.Rau@Chaos1.DE
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