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# liblattutil
* License: 2-Clause BSD
* Author: Shawn Webb <>
This is a collection of code I've written over the years, rewritten to
be available as a C API. This project isn't fit for production use,
yet, and both the ABI and API may change arbitrarily.
## Logging
The logging API supports the following backends:
* Dummy
* Syslog
The dummy backend simply discards any messages passed to it. The
syslog backend sends messages to syslog, if the message meets or
exceeds the minimum verbosity configuration parameter. If `-1` is
passed as the verbosity level, a default minimum verbosity is set. The
current default is 1000.
Do not terminate the log message with a newline.
Sample syslog logging code:
#include <liblattutil.h>
lattutil_log_t *logp;
logp = lattutil_log_init("myApp", 5);
if (logp == NULL) {
* if lattutil_log_syslog_init isn't called, the logger will use the
* dummy logger.
lattutil_log_syslog_init(logp, LOG_PID, LOG_USER);
logp->ll_log_info(logp, 2, "This debugging message will get ignored"
" because 2 is less than 5");
logp->ll_log_info(logp, 5, "This will get logged");
......@@ -184,6 +184,13 @@ bool lattutil_log_ready(lattutil_log_t *);
int lattutil_log_verbosity(lattutil_log_t *);
* Set the minimum verbosity level
* @param Logging object
* @param Verbosity level
* @return The previous verbosity level
int lattutil_log_set_verbosity(lattutil_log_t *, int);
#ifdef _lattutil_internal
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