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Provide some basic documentation.
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# libpushover
libpushover is a modern C library for the
[Pushover](https://pushover.net/) service. Since its primary use case
is with HardenedBSD's infrastructure monitoring daemon, portability to
other operating systems (eg, Linux) is not a priority. However, if
someone wants to punish themselves by porting to Linux, patches are
gladly accepted for review.
libpushover depends on only one library: libcurl. Eventual migration
away from libcurl to libfetch is planned.
## Example Usage
The following code sample illustrates how easy it is to use
#include <err.h>
#include <libpushover.h>
pushover_message_t *msg;
pushover_ctx_t *ctx;
ctx = pushover_init_ctx("Pushover API Token");
if (ctx == NULL) {
errx(1, "Pushover init failed.");
msg = pushover_init_message(NULL);
if (pmsg == NULL) {
errx("Pushover message init failed.");
pushover_message_set_dest("Destination token");
pushover_message_set_title("Message title");
pushover_message_set_msg("Message body content");
pushover_submit_message(ctx, msg);
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