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In the other 3 videos it looks past curfew and the police just arrests people. No shooting, no gas, they just grab people. In one of the videos the woman fell on the ground but it's not clear if she got tackled or what.
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## Las Vegas ## Las Vegas
### Multiple instances of officers rushing protesters and arresting them ### Police arrest a man for speaking at them from a distance. | May 29th.
Videos show officers rushing peaceful protesters, pushing them over and arresting them. Officer line moves protesters back and as protesters comply they attempt to arrest a man that was not visibly violent.
**Links** **Links**
* https://twitter.com/chlvphoto/status/1266581893866086406
* https://twitter.com/itsraiialex/status/1266770032719040513 * https://twitter.com/itsraiialex/status/1266770032719040513
* https://twitter.com/chlvphoto/status/1266614067587723265
* https://twitter.com/ImResilientFR/status/1268605020770938882
### Police shove and drag man through the street | May 31st ### Police shove and drag man through the street | May 31st
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