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Welcome to the police-brutality docs. This is a place for official, public facing documents, and policies of this github repository. Please edit these documents using pull requests.
# Social Accounts
* Twitter:
* Instagram:
* Facebook:
# How can I contribute?
Contributors make pull requests to edit the files, other contributors review. Please see our [contribution guidelines](
# Contact
* If you'd like to reach out - please message the moderators at
* Or you can open a github issue
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# Archival & Backup
The `police-brutality` repo contains two tools to enable easy archival, and backup/replication of existing archived data. Archival is done via a CLI tool that allows downloading the videos listed in the [`all-locations.csv` file](, and optionally adding them to an IPFS node. Backup/replication is done via a public IPFS Cluster that anyone can join to mirror data. Additionally tooling is provided that enables anyone to spin up their own IPFS clusters.
# Tools
* [Archival/downloader tool](
* [Backup/replication tool](
* TODO(bonedaddy): update link when the tooling is merged to master
The [structured dataset]( is built by a [script]( that processes the data every time a change is made. This allows sites to ingest the data and build new front ends.
# Built with the dataset
* - list of events you can visually see per state, or per city.
* - Mega list of events
* - Timeline of police brutality events
* - see the incidents as cards, sort by date, and location
* - map of incidents with links
* - map of incidents with links
* - click on a state to see the links visually
* - a dashboard with stats on a state and city level.
* - a REST API that points to backed up video files. Managed at
* - a tool to back up videos from this database to your local computer.
# What will you build?
* Go to
* Choose which API you'd like to consume from a markdown, CSV or JSON file.
* Most folks should [use the JSON file](
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The boundary between police brutality, abuse of power, and other issues with the system isn't always clear. This page is meant to call out some edge cases to refine the definition of what content should be curated in this repo and what shouldn't.
## Police speaking words that would incite violence, but not actively violent during this video
- [Cops at Seattle protest brief "don't kill them but hit them hard"](
- Decision - TBD
## Selective enforcement, abuse of power, not necessarily excessive force
- [Cops arresting only the black individuals in a line](
- Decision - egregious selective enforcement will be in scope.
## No direct visual evidence
- [Protester suffered from complications that lead to her death from tear gas](
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