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    The XScale PXA255 has three generally ns16x50 compatible UARTs. One of the · 0aefb0a6
    Benno Rice authored
    variations from normal 16x50 behaviour however is the the use of a normally
    unused bit of IER to control RX timeout interrupts independently of the
    generally used RXRDY bit.  If this bit is not enabled, we only ever get
    interrupts when the FIFO is full, never before.  This is not very useful when
    the UART is being used as a console.
    In order to support this without causing potential problems on more "normal"
    16x50 variants, this change introduces two hints for the uart device, ier_mask
    and ier_rxbits.  These can be used to override which bits get set and cleared
    when we're enabling and disabling RX interrupts.
    Reviewed by:	marcel