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    nfscl: Add support for a NFSv4 AppendWrite RPC · 21de450a
    Rick Macklem authored
    For IO_APPEND VOP_WRITE()s, the code first does a
    Getattr RPC to acquire the file's size, before it
    can do the Write RPC.
    Although NFS does not have an append write operation,
    an NFSv4 compound can use a Verify operation to check
    that the client's notion of the file's size is
    correct, followed by the Write operation.
    This patch modifies nfscl_wcc_data() to optionally
    acquire the file's size, for use with an AppendWrite.
    Although the "stuff" arguments are always NULL
    (these were used for the Mac OSX port and should be
    cleared out someday), make the argument to
    nfscl_wcc_data() explicitly NULL for clarity.
    This patch does not cause any semantics change until
    the AppendWrite is added in a future commit.