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    Make the NFSv4.n client's recovery from NFSERR_BADSESSION RFC5661 conformant. · 897d7d45
    Rick Macklem authored
    RFC5661 specifies that a client's recovery upon receipt of NFSERR_BADSESSION
    should first consist of a CreateSession operation using the extant ClientID.
    If that fails, then a full recovery beginning with the ExchangeID operation
    is to be done.
    Without this patch, the FreeBSD client did not attempt the CreateSession
    operation with the extant ClientID and went directly to a full recovery
    beginning with ExchangeID. I have had this patch several years, but since
    no extant NFSv4.n server required the CreateSession with extant ClientID,
    I have never committed it.
    I an committing it now, since I suspect some future NFSv4.n server will
    require this and it should not negatively impact recovery for extant NFSv4.n
    servers, since they should all return NFSERR_STATECLIENTID for this first
    The patched client has been tested for recovery against both the FreeBSD
    and Linux NFSv4.n servers and no problems have been observed.
    MFC after:	1 month