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    Libarchive 3.5.2
    New features:
      PR #1502: Support for PWB and v7 binary cpio formats
      PR #1509: Support of deflate algorithm in symbolic link decompression
                for ZIP archives
    Important bugfixes:
      IS #1044: fix extraction of hardlinks to symlinks
      PR #1480: Fix truncation of size values during 7zip archive
                extraction on 32bit architectures
      PR #1504: fix rar header skiming
      PR #1514: ZIP excessive disk read - fix location of central directory
      PR #1520: fix double-free in CAB reader
      PR #1521: Fixed leak of rar before ending with error
      PR #1530: Handle short writes from archive_write_callback
      PR #1532: 7zip: Use compression settings from file also for file header
      IS #1566: do not follow symlinks when processing the fixup list
    Obtained from:		libarchive
    Libarchive commit:	1b2c437b99b361c7692538fa373e99955e9b93ae
    Libarchive tag:		v3.5.2
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