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    Modify the FreeBSD USB kernel code so that it can be compiled directly · d2b99310
    Hans Petter Selasky authored
    into the FreeBSD boot loader, typically for non-USB aware BIOSes, EFI systems
    or embedded platforms. This is also useful for out of the system compilation
    of the FreeBSD USB stack for various purposes. The USB kernel files can
    now optionally include a global header file which should include all needed
    definitions required to compile the FreeBSD USB stack. When the global USB
    header file is included, no other USB header files will be included by
    Add new file containing the USB stack configuration for the
    FreeBSD loader build.
    Replace some __FBSDID()'s by /* $FreeBSD$ */ comments. Now all
    USB files follow the same style.
    Use cases:
     - console in loader via USB
     - loading kernel via USB
    Discussed with:		Hiroki Sato, hrs @ EuroBSDCon