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    Update tcp_lro with tested bugfixes from Netflix and LLNW: · d7fb35d1
    Sean Bruno authored
        rrs - Lets make the LRO code look for true dup-acks and window update acks
              fly on through and combine.
        rrs - Make the LRO engine a bit more aware of ack-only seq space. Lets not
              have it incorrectly wipe out newer acks for older acks when we have
              out-of-order acks (common in wifi environments).
        jeggleston - LRO eating window updates
    Based on all of the above I think we are RFC compliant doing it this way:
    "Note that TCP has a heuristic to select the latest window update despite
    possible datagram reordering; as a result, it may ignore a window update with
    a smaller window than previously offered if neither the sequence number nor the
    acknowledgment number is increased."
    Submitted by:	Kevin Bowling <>
    Reviewed by:	rstone gallatin
    Sponsored by:	NetFlix and Limelight Networks
    Differential Revision: