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    KDE/FreeBSD team presents KDE SC 4.14.2 and KDE Workspace 4.11.13! · 25c68bc4
    makc authored
    USE_KDE4=kdehier component has been deprecated, new components added:
     baloo			- Baloo core libraries
     baloo-widgets		- Baloo widgets library
     kfilemetadata		- KDE library for extracting file metadata
    New ports:
      graphics/kqtquickcharts	- QtQuick plugin to render interactive charts
      misc/artikulate		- Pronunciation trainer for KDE
    				(not usable currently, links to both
    				GStreamer 1.x and 0.10.x via dependencies)
      sysutils/baloo[-widgets]	- KDE framework for searching and
    				managing user metadata
      sysutils/kfilemetadata	- Library for extracting file metadata
    l10n ports:
    - Farsi (Persian) and Indonesian translations has been readded
    - Vietnamese didn't pass threshold for inclusion into release
    - switch dependency from math/eigen2 to math/eigen3
    - add PYKDE option for updating supernovae data
    - update dependencies: add libkgapi and baloo,
      remove now needless clucene, link-grammar, strigi
    - add patch to fix build with gcc42
    - update COMMENT and description for all KDE PIM ports
    - remove BROKEN, it builds with ruby 2.x now
    - add patch to disable memory-hungry build of the kate tests [1]
    - add dependency on graphics/libkscreen
    - add optional dependency on lang/luajit for LuaJIT backend
    - fix gfortran detection [2]
    - adapt to new pkg world. Now the purpose of kdehier4 only
      to link some stuff between KDE4_PREFIX and LOCALBASE.
    - switch dependency from math/eigen2 to math/eigen3
    - add dependence on science/chemical-mime-data
    - switch dependency from math/eigen2 to math/eigen3
    among other changes:
    - drop deprecated USE_KDE4=kdehier
    - drop @dirrm from plist
    - clean up pkg-descr
    - convert to options helpers
    - other portlint fixes
    The area51 repository features commits by alonso, rakuco and myself.
    PR:		187150 [1]
    Reported by:	pe.freethread@live.com
    Patch by:	Tobias Berner <tcberner@gmail.com>
    PR:		180674 [2]
    Reported by:	torsten.eichstaedt@web.de
    PR:		194316
    Exp-run:	antoine