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    KDE/FreeBSD team presents KDE SC 4.9.5 ports! · 751b41da
    makc authored
    - kdebindings ports have been renamed to match upstream.
    - kdemultimedia and kdenetwork have been split.
    - New port games/pairs added.
    - Trim Makefile header
    - Convert to new option framework
    - New USE_KDE4 components: libkcddb, libkcompactdisc
    - Update:
    	databases/akonadi to 1.9.0
    	devel/grantlee to 0.3.0
    	textproc/rasqal to 0.9.30
    	textproc/redland-bindings to
    	textproc/soprano to 2.9.0
    	x11-toolkits/attica to 0.4.1
    The area51 repository features commits by Schaich Alonso, avilla, dbn,
    jhale, makc and rakuco.
    - Oleg Sidorkin
    - Tobias Berner
    - Kurt Jaeger