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    Resurrect devel/c2mdoc (with stage support), assign maintainer · d7d0269b
    marino authored
    It seems that this port was killed for not having publically available
    distfiles, but from what I can tell, this was always a distfile-free
    port, meaning that it was removed in error.
    The PR to bring it back did not provide the required stage support, but
    luckily that was trivial to add.  Differences from the previous version:
      * pkg-descr rewrapped
      * whitespace removed from awk script (caused PORTREVISION bump)
      * Header trimmed
      * NOMAN definition removed
      * CP+REINPLACE_CMD replaced with SED and moved to post-extract target
      * Stage support
      * Maintenance passed to PR submitter
    PR:		189009
    Submitted by:	Chris Hutchinson
    Tweaks by:	marino